Latest Fashion Trends in Pakistani Universities

by James Peters on December 03, 2019

Fashion has become an essential part of our lives. It is influencing our lives, whether we are a student, teacher, or businessman. Everyone wants to look good in their daily life and practical life. Teachers' fashion choices do not only influence the students but also give them a fashion track to follow. There was a time when the student just went in a regular shirt and jeans or their cultural suits to universities, colleges, or schools. But, now is the century of fashion, so students and professors both are getting influenced by it. Here are some usual trends found popular among university boys. 

Kurta Pajama

Kurta pajama gives an ethnic look, therefore now boys are so much inclined towards it. They prefer kurta pajama on other outfits. It not only gives their personality a natural shine but also shows how much they are attached to their roots. Kurta pajama in Pakistan has become a symbol of fashion now. They are used to wear in wedding ceremonies, on cultural days, and their regular lecture days. Embroidered kurta pajama is worn at a wedding or other special event. It not only strengthens their look also adds style to their personality. 

Jeans Kurta

Though with an increase in kurta pajama fashion, jeans kurta has worn less, it still has some influence. This influence encourages the students to take this outfit for their everyday use. This outfit is an eastern and western combination. It shows how much students are indifferent and open-minded in adopting fashion in their daily life. They also wear embroidered kurta with jeans for special occasions.

Jeans Shirt

Jeans shirt is the most common fashion in centuries. People wear it for formal and informal use just with a little addition. Jeans shirt not only gives a decent look but a convenient one. Students wear a jeans shirt in summers and do wear a coat in winter with it. So, in this way, it is an all season’s fashion.  

People are more inclined towards their ethnic outlay in this century. They love to wear wedding Sherwani, kurta pajama, turban, and khussa for their ethnic description. Either they are living in their country or some European country; they want to be connected with their roots. So, they prefer ethnic outfits on special religious or cultural events. People can order online Sherwani, kurta pajama, suits for their reception from Sherwani King UK. They can help you in achieving your ethnic look perfectly as they are connected with theirs.