Men and Changing Fashion Trends

by James Peters on September 10, 2019

Gone are those days when men were seen only in basic masculine colors, blue, black and grey. There was a classic look for every occasion a man could wear and termed as a "Complete Man". He was called “Smart” for his suit look, “Cool” for his casual look and “Simple” for his formal look.  He could not experiment with his look because of enduring stereotypes. But the fashion world is not confined to women. Men are also dipping their toes in this fashion world. They have finally found the courage to borrow colors and patterns from the women's closet. Pink, red, yellow and all the bright colors are no more SHE colors!!

Unusual Colors Are More Fun Than Usual Black.

There is no disapproving the fact that black suits are classy. They will consistently stay classy. It is rightly said that "Variety is the spice of life" so to spice things up someone should be experimental, with regards to suits however men tend not to drift far away from tried and tested black and grey (and occasionally blue).


Since the fashion scape is changing rapidly, rules are being broken and revamped day by day. Suits have turned into fun clothing rather than the formal feel. Famous actors are inspiring young men with their new looks. Ayushman Khurana, Ranbir Singh, Ali Zafar, Fawad Khan are attracting not only women but men to with their appearances and styles.  

Men in Traditional Looks

From long Yarn suits to linen waistcoats to wedding sherwanis, there is an overabundance of options available for men to experiment their festival looks. Various fashion blogs have come into existence which is flooded with options of looks men can try.

Traditional clothes for men:

  1. Printed Shirt with Silk Jacket

A printed shirt with a silk jacket with loose pants enhances the look

  1. Kurta with Bandhgala Jacket

A pointed, crispy Indian kurta with suture features on the Bandhgala Jacket worn over is going to excel the look.

  1. Tee with Jodhpuris

A monochrome tee with jodhpuri pants and matching brogues builds a go-to look.

  1. Embroidered Sherwani with Churidar

A beautifully embroidered Sherwani with churidar is forever a safe and smart option.


  1. Shirt with Bandhgala Jacket

White shirt with black pants and black shoes has been the perfect choice for those relaxed people who don't want to put extra effort into their look. Addition of Bandhgala Jacket would do wonders to the look.

There are many other options like Dhoti Pants, Polo Pants, and Nehru Jackets. Sherwani for men with Palazzo Pants adds multipurpose sense to the Indian ethnic wear.


It is rightly said by Kate Spade "Fashion is like eating, you should not stick to the same menu". Men are not sticking to one particular fashion, they are experimenting and are enjoying. Various e-commerce websites and fashion bloggers have become an inspiration for men worldwide and the UK based Sherwani King is one of those inspirations. They are providing an ethnic look to overseas Asians with their wedding Sherwani, Indian Kurta, and other perfect wedding outfits.