Photo Studio Launches at Sherwani King Showroom

by Moon Rashid on July 08, 2016

Now at Sherwani King, along with hiring your special Sherwani- you can get an amazing perspective on how you look wearing your Sherwani in a photography set up.

We are now offering a full studio experience where our clients (by appointment) get to review amazing photos of themselves in our Sherwanis. The photo studio offers a complete white or black backdrop with studio lighting and high resolution DSLR for taking those stunning shots. Clients are now able to fully experience exactly how they will look on their big day, without wondering what it will be like on the day.

This service is exclusive at Sherwani King and is the first of its kind in Europe. As always, Sherwani King remains at forefront of innovation and experience for its valued clients. 

Red Sherwani Studio