Sherwani King Designs for Hollywood Blockbuster: Murder Mystery 2

by Moon Rashid on April 24, 2023

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Sherwani King is the proud design house behind the sherwanis used in the Netflix production of Murder Mystery 2: Deux or Die starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler.  Following the success of Murder Mystery in 2019, Happy Madison Productions brought back lovable private detectives, Nick and Audrey Spitz, this time as guests at the destination wedding of their friend, the Maharajah, played by Adeel Akhtar.

Sherwani King Hollywood Blackbuster Murder Mystery 2

Being no stranger to providing costumes to production companies such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, as well as outfitting many grooms and their groomsmen in custom-made sherwanis and tuxedos for destination weddings, Sherwani King was a fitting choice for Murder Mystery 2.  In 2021, costume supervisor Joseph T. Mastrolia contacted Sherwani King, UK, to make sherwani costumes for the Maharaja’s sangeet.  In all, the film featured 22 actors in sherwanis, 2 principal characters played by Adam Sandler and Enrique Arce, and 20 extras. 

Sherwani King Murder Mystery 2

The sangeet starts off in regular fashion with guests interacting and performances from family and friends getting underway.  Guests’ sherwanis are very simple and those designed for the film keep with this tradition.  Despite being worn by a guest, the sherwani designed for the character played by Arce had a greater level of depth and grandeur to meet his status and personality.  During the sangeet there is a critical event which causes the Spitzes to launch into urgent detective mode which made it necessary for Sherwani King to provide 9 identical copies of Sandler’s sherwani to accommodate for the number of costume changes it would take to film the actions sequences.

Sherwani King Enrique Acre Murder Mystery 2

Sherwani King continues its legacy of being number one in menswear sherwanis and tuxedos by proudly partnering not only with grooms, their families, friends, and vendors but also with international media production teams in film, Bollywood, music videos and stage.  Grooms, and their groomsmen, are invited book an appointment at one of three luxury showrooms to get the star treatment that Sherwani King has become known for while being outfitted for the most exciting scenes of their life.