Sherwanis Today

by Karishma Bhugani on December 16, 2016


The sherwani has had many forms over time and in today's word the sherwani is mainly worn by grooms on their wedding day. Unfortunately we are not Maharajas of the past we cant really wear such ostentatious clothing in our everyday lives but that just means the groom has every excuse to go all out on his wedding day.

The basic formula for a groom's wedding outfit consists of: sherwani + churidar + mojaris+ turban + dupatta but a modern groom knows that he needs to stand out it's not just the Brides day people will be looking at him too so he should be considering a few extra accessories that include

  • A haar– long beaded necklace intended to make a statement. You could either wear a single strand of pearls and gemstones or one with several strands of pearls 
  • Brooch/Kalgi for your turban – adding this enhances the beauty of the turban 
  • A watch – a well-refined man always has a watch on no matter what he is wearing 
  • Rings  - semi-precious stones always look graceful 
  • Sword – you are emulating a Maharaja so don’t forget the sword 

It's all good knowing what accessories you will wear but you do know that there more than 1 type of sherwani like we said before the sherwani has gone through many incarnations since its beginning and some are

Make sure you try on different styles of sherwanis, just because you haven't seen somebody wearing something similar doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good. You never know you could start a trend.