Styles and Forms of Sherwani You Need to Know

by James Peters on February 18, 2020

Sherwani comes in different styles. It comes in plain and embroidered forms. Perfect stitching matters the most in all the styles of sherwani. Here are different styles of sherwani which are popular among different ethnicities living in different countries. 

Jodhpuri Sherwani, Anarkali Sherwani, Jacket style sherwani, and Indo-Western are the most popular sherwani in different Asian countries. 

Pakistani Sherwani

Pakistani sherwani also has made a different name in the worldwide sherwani brands. None fashion week in Pakistan has held without Sherwani representation. Pakistani actors wear sherwani even on each usual and unusual event. The most renowned Sherwani brands are Noushemian, Amir Adnan, Deepak Parwani, and Junaid Jamshaid are faces of Pakistan. 

Indo Western Sherwani

This modern style sherwani is the true representation of the new culture of Pakistan and India. As this sherwani comes with embroidery, perfect stitching, embellished with beads and different kinds of threads. These unique features make it ideal for the groom and traditional eves. It can be worn on any formal and informal eve. Therefore, it has become the first choice of Pakistani and Indian grooms.

Printed Sherwani

Printed sherwani is also available in the market if you want something different from the amazing mixture of colors. This printed sherwani seems perfect for colorful events like Eid and Basant. So, it is perfect if your main purpose of getting sherwani for the cultural representation.

Printed and jodhpur sherwani are also way too attractive in their style and shape. Their style and combination are quite different than Pakistani and indo-western styled sherwanis. Those who are living overseas and want to make their wedding a complete traditional one with the traditional sherwanis, no need to worry you have the best UK based sherwani brand, Sherwani King. You can find a sherwani of your own choice. A sherwani which has made with your favorite fabric will heighten your personality.