Sustainable Fashion

by James Peters on September 19, 2019

The onset of forest fires, in particular the recent ones in the Amazon, has caught the attention of audiences around the globe and has convinced them of the crisis which lurks. Several activists came up with numerous campaigns to raise awareness about the horrid state of our environment, much of our own making. Only last month London Fashion canceled the future Fashion week in acknowledgment of the above. Even the fashion designers, textile industry owners, and big brand owners came with their ideas to contribute to nature and reduce the negative impact of the environment.

It is a well-established fact that fashion is a dynamic and fast-paced industry. In the last decade, the fashion industry has welcomed many new entrepreneurs with their new ideas and concepts.

Sherwani, Indian Kurta, and other Asian fashions have become part of the fashion world. Even the famous brands are working hard to make fashion sustainable. Big brands are coming up with their new ideas to contribute to the environment. The main motive of these companies is to make healthy, trendy clothes and accessories without hampering the beauty of nature.


Role of the Fashion Industry in Saving Nature

Sustainability means using natural resources without depleting natural beauty. Ounaas is a Middle East premier luxury e-commerce brand. It has launched eco-friendly packaging as boxes to contribute towards a greener and better future. These boxes are made of recycled materials which will serve to reduce harmful effects on nature's health. Introduction of eco-friendly packaging will serve to alienate common misconception about of quality of recycled materials. So, it's one of the best ways that recycled materials can also be luxury. You can order your party outfit, Sherwani for groom, kurta for men, to get your traditional look without harming nature.

These boxes will be default packaging options for orders. Every time customers check out, they will be given options to choose what kind of packaging they want. By this way, they are reminding people to be kind to nature.

Slow Fashion

Vogue introduced a concept as "Slow Fashion" which is an approach to consider the processes and resources needed for quality garments. Various initiatives were introduced like "Buy Nothing Day" which was to encourage people to buy less. Then came Oxfam's "Second Hand September" which is a 30-day pledge to buy second-hand clothes. It also helped people to beat poverty. 


Smart Materials

Another fashion design trend is the use of smart materials to make garments interactive and appealing. The use of materials that are abundant in nature will serve a purpose. A substance called Polylactic acid (PLA) made from vegetable starch which is being already used to make bags can be used in textile industries as well. Sherwani King-the only company which covers all range of men’s fashion using smart materials because they care for the planet and people more than others.

Leather Alternatives & Fungus

MycoWorks have created a new kind of leather made of mycelium & agriculture by-products. Muskin another leather alternative made from a fungus that rots the wood in subtropical forests. So, textile-like material can be grown from fungi on waste materials which use less water. The material produced is biodegradable, strong, colorful, water repellant and have medicinal properties. 

So, there are many options which can be incorporated to make fashion sustainable and contribute to the environment.