The New Generation of British Grooms

by Moon Rashid on January 25, 2018

The New Generation of British Weddings

There has always been a vast gap between Fashion and British Wedding Attire. Top hat and tails have been the choice of British grooms for hundreds of years, typically in classic blues, blacks and greys. This style has been adapted by Millions of Grooms for their receptions in recent years, but it seems that the classic, albeit simple style and cut is now becoming less favoured. More and more British grooms are now opting for a rich and colourful Sherwani Suit; instead of a traditional suit or tuxedo at their weddings, and it's clear to see why...

Sherwani Colours DetailIn a country that is a melting pot for many different cultures, it is no surprise that weddings are now starting to reflect the mix. British couples are looking to add something different to their ceremonies, giving their guests a new and exciting experience – their wedding attire being the most obvious place to start! Men (and their brides) who want to be less predictable are choosing to move away from the sea of dull navy, miserable greys and boring black suits. With the intricate embroidery and detailing plus the rich and bold colours – it is no shock that Sherwanis and Brocade Tuxedos have taken the British wedding fashion by storm, and rightly so. What better day for a groom to make a statement and stand out from the crowd than his own wedding day? Why settle for styles that will make you look like an aristocrat from the 1800s?


Cid and Richard SmithOne couple that felt like this was Cid and Richard Smith from Warwickshire, who tied the knot in November 2017 at Coombe Abbey, Warwick. This aspiring couple started their wedding preparation 2 years in advance and faced frustration at the lack of options available for Grooms that are looking to stand out. In January 2017 they decided to visit an Asian Celebration Wedding Exhibition at the King Power Stadium in Leicester. At the show, Cid & Richard came across Sherwani King, a Bespoke Grromswear company that were showcasing their collection on the fashion show. After seeing the regal collections on offer, Cid & Richard decided they wanted the same special and regal feeling that wearing a Sherwani brings – one he could not achieve with a regular British suit.


Speaking with Richard, said after the wedding,

Richard Smith Sherwani


"I just love the way these Sherwanis look. The feeling of wearing such an elegant and royal suit on my big day is one that i could never have felt in a normal suit. I'm so glad i took a chance at my wedding and everybody loved my outfit. The best part is it's so comfortable that i kept it on throughout the day, even through our first dance"

Richard chose to go for a traditional embroidered fabric pattern toned with sea blue and midnight blue to compliment the bridal dress and the wedding theme. The sherwani was finished with intricately hand stitched Silver embellishment on the collar. A subtle yet effective way to add a touch of elegance and class, without being too loud.



Winners of the Best Groomswear designer at the British Wedding Awards in 2017- Sherwani King, we caught up with the designer- Moon Rashid, who told us:

"2017 has been a revolutionary year for the British Groomswear industry as we had record number of non-asian clients opting to wear a Sherwani on their big day. Historically there's been a strict divide between eastern and western fashion, however, in the case of menswear that line has now diminished as we regularly design not just Sherwani Suits, but Colourful Tuxedos for grooms of all backgrounds"

Cid And Richard Sherwani King

Moving forward, it seems the trend for thinking out of the box- like Cid & Richard; is set to continue. We certainly wish them a happily married life.

So, before settling on a usual suit; we strongly recommend all couples looking to tie the knot to consider something unique, and visiting Sherwani King is a great place to start!

Coombe Abbey Sherwani King

Photography- Clickspeed Photography
Venue- Coombe Abbey Warwickshire
Clothing- Travass by Sherwani King
Editor- Kerry Conway