The Star Kids - New Fashion Celebrities!

by James Peters on December 18, 2019

The most circling question nowadays is the kids becoming new fashion models, advisors, and presenters. Either the kids are of Pakistani actors, Indian actors, or American actors, they have always followed by the paparazzi. Their age has nothing to do with their fashion sense; their outfits are mostly styled and designed like their parents. Like Taimoor Ali Khan- a little kid, Aryan Khan- King Khan's son, Rayyan Taimoor- Aiza Khan & Danish Taimoor son. Everyone is after the star kids. They notice their every move. So, it sometimes seems that they are as much in the industry as their parents are. 

Kurta Pajama Fashion in Star Kids

Pakistani star kids have been seen in kurta pajama with the waistcoat on lots of occasions. Either it's their birthday or any cultural event. They present their kids like the most charming and fit in their culture with their attire. Little kid like Rayyan Taimoor looks dapper in this look like all kids. Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik's son is a new star kid and looks excited about his aunt's marriage in the dapper kurta pajama. 

Star Kids in Tuxedo

Star kids look beautiful in the tuxedo. They look perfect, beautiful, and innocent in each look though, but some leave the most elegant impact on their personality as a kid. Either the dress is simple, or elegant they look dapper in each outfit. 

Sherwani Look of Kids

This is not the only looks but kids wear Sherwani as well. They wear it on some special occasions like cultural events or any wedding. It simply makes them look more graceful than ever. 

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