What A Groom Should Wear on His Mehndi?

by James Peters on September 20, 2022

If you are a groom and wondering what to wear on your mehndi and look more astonishing than other people. Mehndi function has got so much limelight in Asian culture, specifically in Pakistan and Indian. So, people plan to make their mehndi night amazing and worth remembering. 

The question arises in most men's minds on their mehndi is what to wear and how to carry it elegantly during the whole function. So, we got some tips which will help you to make your mehndi night worth cherishing. 

Wear a Kurta Pajama

People prefer simple kurta pajama on their mehndi night. It not only makes the function simple but astonishingly unique. Most people prefer white kurta pajama on their mehndi night, which sometimes goes well with yellow or green mehndi dupatta. They can choose kurta pajama of any other color like green, yellow, and white as well. But most people prefer these two light colors on their mehndi night.


What to Prefer Simple or Embroidered

People prefer simple mehndi design or kurta pajamas even they keep the mehndi night decoration simple as well. The one reason behind this is the prevailing concept of being simple before the overcast and lavishing day of the groom's life. And it has become part of the culture too, therefore, people prefer simple kurta pajama on embroidered one. 

Follow Your Theme Color

Most people prefer to wear and carry things, according to their mehndi concept, either it is simple or lavish. So, people wear simple kurta pajama in white, with a yellow dupatta or any other color which can enhance the value of the ceremony and the personality of the people. They can choose dark colors like black as well. But light colors like white are the trendy and part of culture colors carried on mehndi nights.

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