What Sherwani Will Work For Me?

by Karishma Bhugani on January 01, 2017

Sherwani's stand for elegance, power, strength and beauty. It has to think about it, you’ve only got a few minutes before the Bride appears so you better make an impression on your guests. To help we make the correct decision we thought we would give you some tips to get you started before you come in for your appointment at Sherwani King to choose your wedding sherwani.  


First, you need to find out what colour and specifically what shade the bride is wearing. You don’t want to get this wrong otherwise, you'll be clashing on one of the most important days of your lives together. Remember those photos are going to last forever you want to look good.   

There are the classic colours of gold, cream or white but you could also go for something different that still complements your bride's dress. A men's sherwani can be either one colour of a few colours, you need to choose one that will best complement the colours of your bride's dress. The easiest way for you to do this by bringing her with you!!! She will know the exact shade of her dress so there is no horrible surprise for everybody on the wedding day, better yet if she can bring a piece of sample fabric with her to your appointment that makes it infinitely easier as you have something you can physically use to match the colour of your wedding sherwani to her dress.   


Tall and Slim

  • Full length (to your calves) sherwanis were made for you 
  • Heavily embroidered sherwanis will work for you as the patterning is evenly distributed giving you a regal look 
  • Look for something with shoulder pads to help build your frame slightly 
  • Opt for a straight cut to avoid highlighting your waist too much  


  • Go for a mid length (just above your knees) or mid thigh length sherwani you will  get a decent area with patterning but nothing that will overwhelm you frame 
  • Try wedding sherwanis whose embroidery focuses on the upper chest to keep guests attention on you face and not height  
  • Avoid sherwanis with a high collar they will make you look much shorter than you are by breaking up the clean lines created by the sherwani 

Heavy build

  • Look for 3 piece open sherwani, they create straight lines down the body and minimise the stomach 
  • A sherwani with detail on the back and shoulders will draw attention to your face 
  • Make sure the kurta underneath the sherwani has some detail around the chest area to avoid the middle section looking too plain 
  • Go for a mid length and wear churidar trousers 
  • Don't be tricked into thinking a looser fitting sherwani will be good for you it won't, you wouldn’t wear a western suit that’s two sizes too big and as it would ruin the outfit the same applies here