When To Wear A Sherwani?

by Karishma Bhugani on January 02, 2017

Compared to Asian women, Asian men hardly ever wear traditional clothes but think of how many parties and special occasions you will have in your life. Whether you are attending or hosting the event a gentleman always makes sure he looks amazing and a sherwani is made for exactly that. You could be wearing a heavily embroidered sherwani or something subtle, in a sea of suits you will stand out as one of the few men to have made an effort to bring something different to the event.  

Events you could wear a sherwani to: 

  • Wedding - the classic sherwani wearing occasion, most people only buy a grooms sherwani and then never again but why? They are such special items, hiring sherwanis is the way forward you get to wear something so distinctive and then have the financial reasons to be able to wear one again.  
  • Anniversaire - maybe you didn't wear a sherwani to your wedding, you've got the perfect celebration to wear one now.  
  • Vow Renewal - Renewing your commitment to one another? Wear a sherwani make it even more memorable 
  • Birthday Parties - are you turning 18, 21, 40, 50 or whatever age soon then you need to wear a sherwani it's your day and a men's sherwani will set you apart from your guests 
  • Graduation Party - all those years spent on getting that degree, now it's time to put on your sherwani and celebrate 
  • Prom - never too young to start wearing a sherwani, stand out from the crowd and put on a men's sherwani