Asian Sherwani Specilaists



Sherwani King no longer provide a Sherwani hire service. Please visit for a range of sherwanis available at  discounted rates in the UK.


Asian Sherwani Hire always have the most traditional garments especially in countries like India and Pakistan.

These types of beautiful Sherwanis UK have a close fitting jacket of knee length or longer with a Nehru collar with tight fitting chooridar trousers. The Latest Sherwani hire collection designs are stunning and is the perfect attire for weddings, parties and receptions. We have wide variety of colours and styles with varying degrees of embroidery.


If you're a groom that wants to bring out the culture of your ethnic background, Sherwani King have selected some quality charming latest Wedding sherwani hire designs, that has witnessed an uproar amongst the community and even been applauded as a result of our own brilliance.


Our Indian Wedding Sherwanis from the Mumbai collection charms speaks many people into falling love for it's exquisite beauty. Whether you want a Sikh wedding sherwani from the region of Punjab, the memorising tradition of Hindustan or the culture Muslim look of 'Jammu Kashmir'. This collection provides the answers, solutions to all your problems.


Our Pakistani Sherwanis differs from the Indian culture and ethnic looks by showing it new styles ensuring that men are in safe hands by the advanced craftsmanship done nevertheless,  it also has effectively won many of their critics over. The Islamabad sherwani look is one of our favourites for the Lahore collection as it snatches any impressions from men and turning it into temptation.