Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my Sherwani cost?

Bespoke Sherwani prices range from:

United Kingdom: £800 - £2000

Canada: $1200 - $3500

Bespoke Sherwani sets can include a Jacket, Shirt, Trousers Shoes, Shawl, Turban, Belt, and Jewellery. As every suit is tailored bespoke, the price for your outfit can be obtained at your appointment as it depends on the style, fabric choice and accessories.


How much will my Tuxedo cost?

Bespoke Tuxedo prices range from

United Kingdom: £600 - £1500

Canada: $1000 - $2500

Bespoke Tuxedo Sets can include a Jacket, Waistcoat, Shirt, Trousers and Loafers. As every suit is tailored bespoke, the exact price for your outfit can be obtained at your appointment as it depends on the style, fabric choice and accessories.


How long before the wedding should I visit Sherwani King?

The standard lead time for bespoke tailoring can vary depending on the time of year. Usually more than 1 fitting is required for adjustments or replacements. We therefore recommend you allow maximum time before the event to ensure peace of mind.


How long is an appointment?

For first time customers, we provide a one-hour appointment to ensure the experience covers the trials and consultation. Subsequent fitting appointments generally last upto 1 hour.


Where is the Sherwani King Showroom?

We have multiple branches in UK and Canada. The addresses for each branch are listed below

Birmingham: Sherwani King, 23 Henley Crescent, Solihull B91 2JD, UK

London: Sherwani King, 90 Glebe Avenue, Ickenham UB10 8PD, UK

Mississauga: 3480 Platinum Drive Unit 102, Mississauga ON,  L5M 7N4, CA


Can I visit the showroom without an appointment?

No. Our showrooms are by appointment only to ensure a fully personalised and private experience. Our clients prefer trying out our suits outside of public view with 100% focus from our designers. Instant appointment booking is offered on our website.


I haven’t decided on a colour or style, can you help me?

Yes – we provide full advice and consultation based on your event style, theme, matching accents with bride etc.


I have seen a design elsewhere which I like. Can you make it?

Yes – We create the best designs which are award winning in our industry and if any changes could better meet your requirements, we’ll always advise you accordingly. As a bespoke tailoring service, we can create any style you desire.


What should I bring with me for the appointment?

For grooms, we recommend you bring a swatch, colour code or image from the bridal outfit. This will assist in selecting accessory colours and styles. If the colour is not available at the time of the appointment, it can also be provided after the order is placed.


Do you have customer parking?

Free parking is available around all Sherwani King Locations


What happens after I have selected a design?

We will take body measurements and confirm all specifications including accessories, colours, turban specs etc. The order is then confirmed with a 50 percent deposit payable by cash or credit / debit card (Amex accepted). An email receipt is provided upon order confirmation.


What happens after I have placed my order?

The order is processed and forwarded to our specialist production team, who will create your bespoke outfit


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Our standard lead time is 6-12 weeks from order placement to arrival in the showroom. An urgent service up to 3 weeks is also possible (subject to availability in-store).


What happens after my order arrives?

An email will be sent you confirming arrival of your order, and requesting for you to book your fitting appointment on our website.


What happens at a fitting appointment?

When you arrive for your fitting appointment, you try on your full outfit to ensure it has been created to your exact style and specification. Once everything is checked and is confirmed, the remaining balance is paid and the order items are collected.


What if the my size changes between ordering and fitting?

Outfits are designed to provide a perfect fit based on the measurements we record. Alterations can sometimes be required due to size change or close fitting. Bespoke suits are always tailored with added margins of fabric. We would make all the alterations as required for each outfit free of charge. The alterations can take up to two week for completion.


Do you provide ceremonial swords?

Yes we provide a variety of Ceremonial sword options which are kept in stock at our showrooms. 


Do you provide outfits for the best man, or family members?

Yes – we have a range of styles designed specifically for these categories to ensure your friends & family members are also looking their best – without upstaging the groom!


Do you provide groom's accessories?

Yes – we provide all accessories needed for a Sherwani set – and more! A basic 4 piece Sherwani suit comes with Sherwani, shirt, trousers and shoes. Accessory options include embroidered shawl, turban, pearl necklace, turban jewellery, pleated kurta shirt, ceremonial belt & sword.


What type of shirt and trousers are provided with the Sherwani suit?

We provide the standard Asian kurta pajama suit, a loose fitting dress worn underneath the Sherwani. The pajama (trousers) can be worn straight cut or churidar (ringed) style.


Which type of shoes do you make?

For Sherwani suits, we make a choice of classic Indian ‘Maujri (also known as khussa) shoes, or alternatively loafer shoes. You can specify your choice after viewing both options during your appointment. The shoes are customised in the same style as the Sherwani. We can also make dress shoes with matching fabric for Tuxedo Orders.


What if I cannot visit the showroom?

For international customers, we provide a remote tailoring service. You will be provided with a sizing link that will help you send your sizes and specifications. Once the suit is ready it will be shipped to your location. If adjustments are required they can be performed locally or you can send the suit back for completion. Please allow up to 4 months for this process.


How can I book an appointment?

You can book your free appointment instantly by choosing a time from our live calender on this website.