Sarwani or Shervani for Weddings

We get a lot of questions asking us how do you best pronounce the term Sarwani or Shervani. Just because Sherwani King uses the most conventional method of writing, it does not mean it is 100% correct.

Wedding Sarvani and Mens Sarvani

Many cultures pronounce the term as Wedding Sarwani as they do not have much use of the letters SH. This does not make it right or wrong, just a preference on how the term and product has evolved over the years. We are happy to collaborate with the callers of Sarvani

Mens Shervani or Shervani UK

Other that use Wedding Shervani or Mens Shervani, this variation of the Shervani term is also quite commonly used. In actual reality, the correct pronunciation of the term is with a V so Shervani UK would be the correct way to write and say it. However as with many eastern words written in english, these conventions have been established for decades so there is no need to rock the boat. We salute you Shervani sayers as you are actually saying it right.

Gold Shirvani or Black Shirvani

Shirwani is another variation of the term that can be found courted around. Although Shirwani is very similar to the highly coveted term Sherwani, It is more and more commonly found to being used in the UK by people searching to find a Shirwani in the UK or Wedding Shirwani Ideas.

Whichever way you pronounce it or look at it, this is a term that will always contain numerous variations in spelling and pronounciations. One thing that will not change, however, is the use of the Sherwani in the UK and around the globe