Our History

Sherwani King HistoryDuring a business trip to Dubai as a Marketing Consultant in 2013, Moon Rashid- Current Sales Director at Sherwani King; was invited to attend a wedding in Lahore. Whilst deliberating what to wear for the wedding, he was amazed to discover the lack of options available for someone looking for a Classy Asian outfit for a short term hire. Following discussion with peers in Dubai and Subsequently in Lahore, he discovered that this pain was shared amongst all Asian men that had pricey Asian suits hanging in their wardrobes for years, yet nothing different to wear at an upcoming event!

Sherwani King Asian Bride LiveHere the Sherwani King Journey Began. The research was expanded to find out if Men really did find this problem as painful as it initially appeared. Subsequent surveys in Mumbai, Bali, London and New York were conducted with the specific purpose of discovering the needs of Men looking to wear Asian Attire on Weddings, Parties, Special occasions and religious ceremonies. The results were surprisingly consistent and shocking. 86% of men surveyed revealed that they had at least one Asian Suit that had never been worn twice. These suits included wedding suits, party wear, grooms-men suits and various other Asian formal suits that only had the desired impact worn the first- and only; time in their lives.

With the concept firmly in place, Moon set out to find a team of aspiring entrepreneurs that shared his vision of creating a service for men looking for an elegant and classy outfit for a big day. Chris (CTO) and Ifti (COO) were the first Major Contributors to the Sherwani King Project. With a combined experience of over 40 years in technology and operations, they were well placed to guide the formation of this exciting company.

By Early 2015, Sherwani King had already acquired two established Menswear businesses in London since 1975. The expertise and supply chain gained from these well known acquisitions was invaluable in fast tracking Sherwani King to the Mainstream supply of Asian Men’s Fashion, and Ultimately Sherwani King was born!

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