Sherwani King Terms & Conditions

  1. Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are full and final. These Terms & Conditions apply to Sherwani King Ltd, trading as Sherwani King and is the subject of contract between Sherwani King and the Customer.

  1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions “Sherwani King” means Sherwani King Limited and/or Sherwani King. “Customer” means the person buying or requesting services and / or products from Sherwani King Limited. All transactions are governed by English law. The service that Sherwani King Limited provides falls under the supply of goods made to a customer’s specifications or which are clearly personalised.

  1. General Terms

The Terms & Conditions presented is believed to be reliable and trustworthy but it is subject to change at any time without notice by Sherwani King Limited.

  1. Conditions of Sale

When a customer orders garments from Sherwani King, the Sherwani King tailor will take payment. This is the customer’s instruction for Sherwani King to proceed with the order and the customer’s acceptance of the Sherwani King Terms & Conditions of Sale as laid out in this document as the contract. The receipt that they are given will also clearly state that Sherwani King Limited employs the Terms & Conditions as laid out in this document and where they can be obtained online.

  1. Deliveries (1)

We will only – and without exception – make deliveries to the registered card holder’s address, unless specified by a customer to use an alternative address.

  1. Deliveries (2)

On completion of an order you will receive an expected delivery date from Sherwani King. Turnaround and receipt of orders may vary depending on current order volumes, fabric availability, or on specific requirement orders. Sherwani King will endeavour to complete orders within the agreed period. Should there be a delay in the dispatch or delivery of a customer order, Sherwani King will not be held liable for the delay, in any respect, including financial.

  1. Deliveries (3)

Customers who request shipment of goods to an address outside of the UK will be required to pay the full courier cost and any local customs duties and taxes. Under no circumstances will Sherwani King will be held responsible for these charges.

  1. Deliveries (4)

Any goods which are sent in transit is the responsibility of the shipping company. Sherwani King cannot and will not be held responsible for any goods damaged, lost or subject to any misperformance in transit.

  1. Cancellation Policy

Should the customer wish to cancel their order (or orders), they have seven days to do so from the date of deposit payment. Cancellation can be made in written or email form and must clearly state a request for cancellation and a reason why. If the cancellation is received within these seven days, the payment will be returned, minus any expenses Sherwani King may have already reasonably occurred, such as cloth already cut. Upon cancellation within the seven days, the order will not be completed and the payment (minus incurred expenses) will be returned. If the cancellation occurs after the seven day period, no part of the payment can be returned. If a cancellation of an order is made once the goods have been part or fully completed, no refund whatsoever can be made as these are goods made to a customer’s specifications or which are clearly personalised.

  1. Copying a Suit or other Garment

In some circumstances, a customer may ask Sherwani King Limited to copy a garment or garments from images, samples or sketches. This is a facility that Sherwani King Limited can offer. However, there is no guarantee that the copy will be an exact match. If there is no exact match, Sherwani King cannot be held responsible and full payment for the garments will still be due.

  1. Returns

Garments which have been finished cannot be refunded or exchanged. If a garment has been finished and delivered and the customer is not happy about any element of it, this must be reported to Sherwani King within three days of its delivery. Any requests for further alterations after this period cannot and will not be considered under any circumstances.

  1. Fabric & Pricing

Sherwani King will make every effort to represent a fair image of the cloth, but different fabric production runs and varied computer monitor settings mean that fabric samples and images may vary from the final garment. All fees, charges and prices are subject to change without prior notice. The price will be clearly stated to each customer.

  1. Vouchers

Please note: for shirt vouchers the scootering service does not apply. All shirt voucher fittings take place at our workshop. It is a working environment. The voucher is valid for three months – if used afterwards there may be a small surcharge. Vouchers cannot be refunded, replaced or exchanged.

  1. Sherwani King shall not be liable for the following:

–          any monetary or other loss incurred by the Customer resulting from an order or other contact with Sherwani King

–         any cloth sample that does not vary substantially from the finished article, since different fabric production runs and varied computer monitor settings mean that fabric samples and images may vary from the final garment.

–          any loss or additional expense relating to any change required or requested to the garment or garments.

–          making any style changes to an order that are requested after the order has been placed and processed

–          any fees and costs incurred by the Customer in accepting, receiving, returning and / or collecting their garment, before, during and/or after transit.

  1. Copyright & Trademark

All content including pictures, designs, logos and photographs, text written and other materials displayed by Sherwani King belong to Sherwani King Limited. However if you want to use Sherwani King photographs or illustrations, as many magazines and newspapers do, let us know and we will do all we can to help.

15.b.  Copyright, Image & Trademark Infringement

Copyright, Image and/or Trademark infringement is taken very seriously and will incur costs. If Sherwani King Ltd suffers such infringement, we will seek immediate action as follows:

First 24 hours: The offender will be asked to immediately remove the infringement with a link to this notice informing them of our Terms & Conditions. The offender will be notified by email, telephone and in writing – copies of which can be obtained at no cost. The offender will be told of the implicit legal and court costs which will be incurred if the infringement is not removed within 24 hours.

Thereafter: if this has not been successful after the first 24 hours, Sherwani King Ltd reserves the right to immediately employ legal services to seek removal of the infringement. All legal and court costs will be sought for recovery by Sherwani King Ltd by way of Court Order against the defendant and/or their representatives.

  1. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Sherwani King Limited will offer a Satisfaction Guarantee on items all items ordered through the showroom which are based on a clothing sample presented by Sherwani King. Under the Guarantee, the customer will be eligible for a full refund if the suit is not identical to the showroom sample upon direct comparison and/or the suit is not available after 15 days of the original deadline elapsing. The customer can exercise their guarantee only upon collection of the ordered outfit and forfeit their guarantee once collected. The following exceptions apply to the Sherwani King Satisfaction Guarantee. 

- Does not apply to delays caused by Force Majeure Instances including and not limited to weather disturbances, Terrorist Attacks, Natural Disasters, Pandemics, floods and any other acts of god. The effects of force majeure are not limited to our showroom or manufacturing locations

- Does not apply to items once they have been delivered or collected from Sherwani King Ltd showrooms upon the customer’s consent

- Does not apply to items which have been created to design specifications presented by the customer. This may include use of imagery, samples, sketches and/or modifications to an original garment offered by Sherwani King

  1. The Company

Sherwani King Limited is a UK company governed by the laws of England. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate, it does not constitute any form of advice, recommendation, representation, or endorsement by Sherwani King Limited.